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“Brad is a great, trustworthy guy! His customer service in on par and makes everyone feel like his top priority! I would recommend him to all my friends and family!”

– Kim Staton (from Facebook)

“Brad is a great person to work with. He treats everyone like a friend and will do whatever it takes to get the job done in the best way possible for everyone involved.”

– Andrew Novak (from Facebook)

“Brad is a great guy to work with! Very honest, personable, and hard working. Brad is very professional but adds a fun/humor side to life. I had a great experience with him!”

– Kimberly Mildred (from Facebook)

“Brad Stinson is the man! Whenever you have questions, he’s there to answer them. Brad is hard working and makes sure he puts other people as his first priority, which is a rare quality! I definitely recommend looking to him for help with whatever you may need!”

– Phillip Wood (from Facebook)

“Brad is the most real person I have ever had the privilege to work with. He is trustworthy, bold, motivated and the most hard working person I know. Thank you Brad!”

– Makenzie Fox (from Facebook)

“My experience in working with Brad was absolutely amazing! Knowledgeable, hardworking and funny. All around great guy!! thank you!”

– Scot Shippy (from Facebook)

“Bradley exudes a professional demeanor through his exceptional customer service. He exhibits positive communication which is welcoming and helpful to me as a full time working mom!”

– Lisa Dalecke (from Facebook)


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In the mortgage business, nothing is more valuable than proof of excellent service. The best evidence is not our low ratio of complaints, or the full branding of what is merely our everyday approach to lending: Lifetime-Loan-wBG-300x47. The best evidence is your testimony and what other clients have said.

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